Randall Poff, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Know your divorce options: Stay out of court!

Randall Poff, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Know your divorce options: Stay out of court!

Consider Your Alternatives : Exercise Your Judgment

Nobody looks forward to divorce: Its hard! When you decide its over, you do have options to the old refrain, “See you in court!”

Contact me to learn how to “invite” your spouse to  collaboration or mediation.


Mediation or Collaboration are better choices for most couples

The vast majority of my clients “get it done” without a contested court case (especially in these COVID-19 trying times).

I am convinced the better way is Collaborative Divorce (and its little sibling, Mediation)! 



With the courts mostly “closed” due to the current health crisis, Collaborative Divorce and Mediation might be your best options.

I handle all types of family matters, including divorce, support, custody, property division, modification, adoption and pre-marital agreements.

Practice limited to family law matters in Oregon.

“I no longer do contested hearings, trials or last-minute settlements because my clients’ goals were not being achieved.”

Collaborative Divorce

The heart of Collaborative Divorce (also called “no-court divorce,” or “peaceful divorce”) is to offer you and your spouse the support, protection and guidance of your own lawyers, all without going to court.


Mediation is a way of resolving a dispute with the help of an impartial person (the mediator). The neutral mediator helps both of you discuss personal concerns and, if possible, reach a voluntary agreement.


Some couples are able to resolve some or all of their issues on their own at their “kitchen table.”   I am available to review and analyze those agreements, and also assist with filing and navigating uncontested divorce papers through the court system.

Family Law Litigation

Even if you both have “litigation lawyers,” possibly headed to a contested hearing, mediation (with or without your lawyers present) can still be an option. Ask your lawyer to contact me (and ask about the reduced rate and “free-travel” options).


Since starting my divorce practice in 1978, I have always known the one constant is that each family is different. My primary goal has always been to help my clients get through a difficult time in their lives with the least amount of wasted time, emotional pain and unnecessary expense.


What is Collaborative Practice?
What is Collaborative Law Practice?
Randall Poff, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney


Randall Poff

Admitted to practice law in Oregon

“I have spent over four decades working with divorcing families and studying the best ways to help them make better decisions.”


I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, graduating from Portland State University and Lewis and Clark – Northwestern School of Law. Rain doesn’t bother me and I still think the only “pro” sports team in town is the Blazers! [congrats, Thorns: NWSL 2017 champions; and Timbers: MLS 2015 champions and 2018/2021 runner-ups].

A trusted referral...

Upon calling and meeting you, I felt that you would do what was needed in my divorce. I would like to thank you for your services. Never needing a lawyer before I was not sure who to go to. A very good friend had recommended you (they had used you before and were very happy). I'm sure glad it is all over and truly believe that without your help it would not have gone as well as it did. God bless you and your family....

T. K., Family Law Client

A respectful divorce is possible...

Thank you, Randy. Divorce was never what I wanted, but I feel like we came out of it whole. I was just telling [my former spouse and our daughter] (we have family dinner together almost every week) that I didn't feel like we were a broken family. I know that many challenges lay ahead, and things will change and evolve as we all find our paths forward, but I appreciate the respect we maintained for each other throughout the process. If I know anyone who is facing the prospect of divorce, I will definitely share our experience with mediated divorce, and recommend you specifically.

Thanks again,

M.L., Mediation Client

Randall Poff

Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Admitted in Oregon  ~  Practicing Statewide

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Practice limited to resolving family matters out-of-court.