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Bridges was founded 2011. We are experienced. We have handled hundreds of mediated and collaborative divorces. All eleven of us are independent professionals, but we have years of experience working together. We are collaborative attorneys, mediators, divorce coaches, a child specialist and a divorce financial adviser (CDFA). The vast majority of our clients “get it done” without a contested court case and have better lives for it. We are second to none in Oregon and SW Washington.




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The original collaborative divorce practice group in Oregon and SW Washington

Bridges Collaborative

We create a collaborative team to suit the family’s unique needs. This may include a child specialist for parenting plan work, a financial specialist for analyzing the level of financial support to be exchanged or complicated asset portfolios, divorce coaches for guidance with the natural emotional part of the restructuring family, or a vocational coach for a partner who needs to re-train or change careers. The team will work with collaboratively-trained attorneys in an amicable, respectful, and family-centered manner to problem-solve with clients toward their mutual goals and interests. One of the biggest advantages of the collaborative method is the open dialog and synergy created in a team atmosphere that is not seen in alternative methods of divorce.

Bridges Mediation

A professionally trained, neutral mediator works with the partners to facilitate dialogue and assist in resolving their conflicts over divorce or other family transition. Mediation may be a good choice when the partners are interacting fairly well, and where each is relatively equally informed about the relevant issues and financial information. Bridges mediators will strongly recommend that both parties seek an independant legal review of mediated agreements to ensure that each person is fully informed about all legal aspects of the proposed settlement agreement.

Bridges "Kitchen-Table"

Some couples are able to resolve some or all of their issues on their own at their “kitchen table.”   Bridges attorneys are available to review and analyze those agreements, and also assist with filing and navigating uncontested divorce papers through the court system.  For couples able to work together very well  directly, despite the inevitable stress of breaking up, this is the simplest, most efficient, and cost effective method of obtaining a divorce.

Bridges Professionals

L – R: Tonya, Randy, Gail, Myah, Jim, Diane, Forrest, Joanna, Lee, Aaron, Dona

Bridges Professionals

Bridges has experience: We are independent lawyers, mediators, divorce coaches, financial professionals, and a child specialist, but we frequently work together to help couples end their marriage peacefully. Bridges is not a law firm. We are seven lawyers/mediators, a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA), a psychotherapist/child specialist and two divorce coaches/mediators.

We work full-time with families in transition to find out-of-court solutions. We encourage problem solving, communication and healthy co-parenting. We empower couples to create a lasting resolution that fulfills their needs.


Since starting my divorce practice in 1978, I have always known the one constant is that each family is different. My primary goal has always been to help my clients get through a difficult time in their lives with the least amount of wasted time, emotional pain and unnecessary expense.

Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

What is Collaborative Practice?
What is Collaborative Law Practice?
Randall Poff, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney


Randall Poff

Admitted to practice law in Oregon

“I have spent over four decades working with divorcing families and studying the best ways to help them make better decisions.”


I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, graduating from Portland State University and Lewis and Clark – Northwestern School of Law. Rain doesn’t bother me and I still think the only “pro” sports team in town is the Blazers! [congrats, Thorns: NWSL 2017 champions; and Timbers: MLS 2015 champions and 2018 runner-ups].

Randall Poff

Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Admitted in Oregon  ~  Practicing Statewide

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Practice limited to resolving family matters out-of-court.