The usual divorce is often adversarial, overwhelming, intimidating and confusing. It can also be very expensive with two litigation attorneys.

Choose wisely!


Collaborative Divorce is completely different from the usual litigated divorce. In a Collaborative Divorce, the couple takes the time necessary to address the issues unique to their lives and circumstances, with the help of their own collaboratively-trained attorney, to create a lasting divorce settlement without court intervention.

Collaborative Divorce is confidential and allows the couple to remain in control of the outcome. The process often uses divorce coaches, financial neutrals and child specialists, when necessary, to assist and guide the couple to an agreeable solution.

The couple agrees not go to court and works together to reach a settlement, with the assistance of their “limited-scope” attorneys.


Collaborative Divorce uses a team approach: Each person has their own Collaborative Attorney to represent their interests, and the Team works together to identify issues, exchange information, and negotiate a fair and balanced settlement of all the family issues. The Team’s goal is to achieve a settlement that is in the best interest of the entire family unit, in a confidential, respectful manner. It is very important that the attorneys chosen are skilled and trained in Collaborative Divorce.

In the event that the collaboration fails, the attorneys may not represent either person in contested court proceedings (although the vast majority of my clients “git ‘er dun!”).

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Collaborative Divorce is one of the most important developments in the American legal system in the past 25 years, yet it is largely unknown to the public.


Unlike court proceedings which are on public record, your Collaborative Divorce takes place in private meetings.


The couple determines the pace of the proceedings, not the court docket. The couple makes decisions for themselves, not the judge.

Flexible, Creative Solutions

The Collaborative Team helps the couple explore creative solutions to their issues, not limited to what the law allows or what might happen in court. 

Relationships Preserved

Instead of tearing the family apart with an adversarial process, better relationships can be maintained within the entire family.


Conflict and hostility between divorcing parents can be damaging to children. By keeping the process respectful, children are protected.

Expert Team

You are not relying only on your collaboratively-trained attorney, there is a Team that can include Coaches, a Child Specialist and a Neutral Financial to support both of you and address critical financial and emotional issues.


Since starting my divorce practice in 1978, I have always known the one constant is that each family is different. My primary goal has always been to help my clients get through a difficult time in their lives with the least amount of wasted time, emotional pain and unnecessary expense.

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What is Collaborative Practice?
What is Collaborative Law Practice?
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Randall Poff

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